I finished my latest novel

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I started this blog today to coincide with the completion and pending release of my latest work, my fifth novel and third in the genre of dystopian science fiction.

Fringelords Return to Gaia
Fringelords Return To Gaia

Gaia accepts random evolution as inevitable, chaotic metamorphosis preferable, and the prospect of an uncertain future desirable. A disagreeable axis of warlike Fringelord’s, an allied race of technology worshipping Pureon’s, along with the Caapi, a species of clairvoyant vegetation have formed an uneasy alliance to try and twist the course of social and biological evolution on Earth into their own diabolical vision of the future. The Fringelord’s goal is to reestablish a status quo of hierarchic kingships and destroy any potential of change.The Pureon seek to disappear into the caves that spawned them to never see the light of day after finding the experience of life outside distracting from their pursuit of science.

The covetous vegetal Caapi have concocted a dangerous plot to use the universes’ one fatal flaw as a bargaining chip before their greatest fear becomes reality should Gaia be the nexus of change for sentient species everywhere and dash the Caapi’s burning desire of ever controlling their destiny. The Fringelord’s, Pureon and Caapi are doomed by their own tortuous ignorance to repeat the cycle of a contradictory and cruel relationship with nature while Gaia and her allies remain ever hopeful that change will continue to generate new life. The battle for Earth has entered a new phase.


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