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Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I came to Bangkok to get some work done. I understand why writers may choose the proverbial cabin in the woods to remove themselves from influences that would otherwise distract them from ‘the novel’.  I have chosen similarly to isolate myself in an alien environment where none of the  triggers and baggage are present that would deter me from my concentration. Here in Thailand, where I do not understand the conversations I hear, cannot communicate except in snippets, rudiments, finger pointing and body language, neither read the daily bafflegab or listen to the  frantic cacophony of global media, I find it possible to focus my attention on ‘the work’ and am in turn just as isolated as any writer who chooses to spend his time hidden deep in a forest, by a lake, under a mountain ,  as far from civilization as they can get in order to capture the ‘quiet’ needed to write. I can achieve the certain  singularity and continuity I need here, where noise from the outside is meaningless, inconsequential and when I wake up the same words are waiting for me as when I laid my head down.

I might be a slave to my work, but I don’t want to live like one. Bangkok is a relatively modern yet inexpensive place to spend the time necessary to have completed my recent work ( Fringelords return to Gaia) and to now contemplate breaking out another rough draft of a possible next work and getting down to the business of rewriting.  It’s possible to achieve a level of comfort here when my budget might be pinched in the west. I don’t have to remind anyone that the food is excellent, watch my video’s and see for yourself on youtube – Bangkok Living & Travel.

In addition I find the Canadian winters grueling and have a tendency to suck the creativity out of me in a short time , my work suffers as a consequence. In Thailand I have none of the same concerns regarding dressing warm enough to survive a trip to the corner store.

In this environment where everything is new to me I am  inspired by the simple things I encounter, my mind is active, this leads to new directions in the work. Inspiration is  my profit, my capital , if you agree that as a writer,  words are precious and valuable. Someone asked me today what I thought of the threat of flooding in Bangkok, I said , “Flood, what flood?”  As soon as I’d said that I knew  that I was in the right state of mind to begin my next work . “I’m free and  unrestrained”, I realized,  ready for any happy accident that may occur and perhaps be the catalyst towards some strange new avenue I have yet to explore.


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