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living in the moment

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A sunrise like this one would be enough for me to say I had been sated  if this were  my last moment. The lemon sky is dappled  red and overlain with bird song from  surrounding fields.  Ethereal chants wafting away from the silver spires of a sublime Buddhist temple  nearby have taken my spirit for a flying lesson against the morning light. It’s so beautiful that I’m  greedily anticipating another day beginning when this one has barely started. At first I wanted to categorize these  intrusions as exotic and collectible , but we live here now, it’s  home. So I won’t covet these moments and box them up like hard-won souvenirs to take away and keep on life support in my memory, to bring  out as party favors at a later date. There is no technology that could adequately capture or describe this moment. Instead I want to live each second unrestrained , free spirits tell the most beautiful stories. A warm breeze  blew me out from under the mosquito net this morning and sent my mind meandering towards what may be the best first day of the rest of my life. Coffee and a new manuscript await.