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boddhisattva on the radio

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In three of my novels, The Enablers, The Gaia Uprising and Fringelords, Return to Gaia,  I contemplate, with considerable latitude and artistic license,  the existence of multiple dimensions and the close proximity of an alternate universe. How our minds have grown since Jules Verne captivated his audience by fitting several Victorians comfortably into a black powder projectile and firing them towards the moon. It seems we’ve outgrown our universe and  crave to penetrate the virgin territory of a multi-verse in order to adequately titillate and simultaneously mollify our fervent imaginations, three dimensions are no longer enough.

I listened to a Bodhisattva on the radio, he was  guiding stream enterers through the unfolding mystery of inner space. Layer after layer he courageously delved  into the infinite, peeling back and exposing what was yet to be discovered. It occurred to me that the questing of multiple dimensions is a pursuit of both rational and  spiritual seekers , science fiction becomes science fodder for ruminating minds. I know what the spiritual Buddhists  expect to find, but what will come out of  rational scientific curiosity  when we open that ultimate door ? What sort of weirdness awaits us on the other side, do we really want to know ? Of course we do. we’re a gluttonous species, bored with our own existence.