fringelords, return to gaia…..opening lines

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

My latest novel, Fringelords, Return to Gaia  begins it’s journey.

Chapter one

Zoola Shanghai

Zoola’s lungs were heaving long before the porch was within reach. Dog-tired from a particularly tough day, she dragged herself up the few remaining steps on spent fumes. “I really got my butt kicked today,” she wanted to collapse. The second tier had looked like a good place to crash when her quivering legs capitulated on the narrow landing. She’d decided to sleep in her own bed tonight and soldiered on even though she was spitting dust. “These damned stairs get steeper every day.” Breathing hard, chest tight, her big boots didn’t fit the well-worn tred designed for feet half her size. The angle wasn’t right for her species; she had to balance on her toes so she wouldn’t face plant. “Oh screw it,” she swore, this time was different. Falling hard onto her hands and knees, she let the path of least resistance and Orion’s heavy gravity have their way with her.


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