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release your inner zebra

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Deep in your heart, under the surface of who you present yourself to be, there is an aspect of your life you’d like to shed,  rid yourself of, forget about, abandon,  grow out of….defeat, conquer, make peace with, admit to. What is it, a habit, a secret, a regret,  a failing? Has building a Chinese wall protected you or locked you inside the cage with the beast ? We are all victims of something, no one’s lived the perfect life.

“Change your mind, change your life,” a phrase that came to me in a dream . It sound’s impossible, simplistic, naive and far-fetched. I waltzed around the idea for many years before deciding to lead. My suggestion is to walk away from what dissatisfy’s you, you can wake up tomorrow and  live an entirely new existence. My most recent  affirmation was to take charge of the tan line across my derriere, we’d always called the white strip ‘zebra’. My choice to reject  social  control over what color my ass is  I have called, ‘release your inner zebra’. Be  free, begin with the little things. It feels good when you take something back. Life is too short to live in a cage.