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Bangkokians don’t go out during the day if they can help it, it’s just too hot. No one entirely acclimates to this climate. You see Thai families wandering the malls, enjoying the free air con, doing inside things. Soccer fields, sport tracks, velodromes, parks and school yards are empty during the day. Living here you develop an entirely different relationship with the sun than do the people of the northern climes. There children jump out of bed to feel the warm sun on their eager faces, here it’s avoided at all costs. If you do go, you go with an umbrella to shade you, a mask or a coating of light reflecting paste on your face so as not to get burned.

In Bangkok, people prefer to go out at night and play in the moonlight. An hour after sundown the heat has dissipated and cool breezes lift people’s spirits back from the dead.You’ll see crowds of people eating outside, along the busy streets, out in the open, at restaurants that don’t exist during the day. I have learned to follow the lessons of the people I now call my neighbors and friends. I have my favorite things to keep me busy while the sun beats down outside. When I’m not writing, we swim, eat banana bread muffins and catch up with missed episodes of Battlestar Galactica on  SciFy cable. Life could be worse, we could be sweating and wondering how the locals put up with the heat.