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from rat race to snails pace

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Don’t follow me, I’m lost. I could be on the road to nowhere. This could be the path to perdition. I could be waiting for Godot, I don’t know, I don’t care. I’m here, I’m free, there’s nothing more important than that at this particular juncture. I’m living to the beat of a demanding drum. I wake at dawn, I write until the sun  makes room for me to lie down on the balcony for some zebra work and spend  a while with my coffee and banana bread muffins. I listen to the radio in Thai, so I can’t find out whats happening in the world around me, then go to the pool until its time for lunch, by then its too hot to be outside anymore and I come inside to practice my writing.

I turned 57 today, charming. I have a closet full of experiences that I can’t use and a sackful of memories I don’t want and it’s too hot to sleep. I started a new novel this morning, I’ve been lugging around a twenty pound manuscript 480 pages long that needs a haircut. I’m giving myself a birthday present of bleak hours spent on top of a keyboard that sticks and an ass that groans after long hours in the chair. There are days when I lose myself into the story so much that I forget to get up at all and end the day like a senior crippled with scoliosis I get so arthritic and hunched over. Happy birthday I woke up with this in my head. Keeping up with my muse is a damned rat race.

Holiday, its a wonderful thing to say

Hope that someday, it will last forever

Paradise, sounds so nice

A midnight flight to never never

You’ve felt the sand between your toes

Cleared your mind and shed your clothes

Somewhere there’s a sunset  waiting

9 to 5 isn’t working for me

Payday doesn’t bring me pleasure

Chances are that I won’t make it through the night

I  might grow wings and fly away

You’ve felt the sand between your toes

Cleared your mind and shed your clothes

Somewhere there’s a sunset  waiting

I’ve got a tan line that needs erasing

You’re drinking beer, I’ve ordered  Mai Tai’s all around

If I drink too many I’ll be heading out the door

Paradise is just a flight away

I’ve moved a little closer to the airport

Don’t tempt me babe or I’ll be gone

The ties that bind are not that strong

I’ve felt the sand between my toes

I cleared my mind and shed my clothes

So take your Friday nights, oblivion and all

I’ll walk home in my new flip flops and sarong

And dream about the place where I belong

Holiday, its a wonderful thing to say

I hope that someday it will be forever.