Archive for November 20, 2011

Patricia and I are passing our time in Bangkok Thailand, one day threading seamlessly into the next. We float between   worlds  while we perfect the tricks that will help us conjure our tomorrow. We are in the process of  disentangling ourselves from the past, prying ourselves away from a deeply satisfying drudgery that surely would have killed us before our time.

The hand of fate and a whisper of good fortune built this new flying machine that we now call home. Every day  we  practice  becoming  invisible, to excuse ourselves once and for all from this ersatz substitute for luck. I’ve waited a long time for Tennessee Williams to have an influence on my life. I was raised by wolves and deceptive phantasms with no appreciation for the arts of the mind. Patricia and I are on a journey, pushing ourselves past hope and dreams into attempting the impossible  and risking failure. In the end, there’s nothing else, thanks Tennessee, it’s clear to me now.