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bangkok itinerary

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It’s going to be another stinker today. My plan is to do a little as possible. When it’s hot like this you have to choose your battles. I’ve been here a while and know what I want, I’m organized. We rarely travel around the city except on weekends when we want to do something recreational, like going to JJ market, that’s always fun. We can take an air bus to the frigid BTSand ride in comfort  instead of it taking several hours through traffic by bus like in the old days. The usual itinerary runs something like this… and a chapter written around sunrise when the creative juices are fresh, zebra work on the balcony to keep a nice balance on the skin tone, breaky, go to the pool for some serious rays and a swim, depending on just how hot it is we may step out for some sidewalk snacks. We discovered a new treat, deep fried chicken feet..delicious and only about two and a half baht each.


Street drinks are also a must, to get that core freeze going, bubble tea with crushed ice is excellent at fifty cents a pop. Pat and I have become habituated to the McDonald’s soft ice cream cones at 9 baht (thirty cents), we have a Mickey D’s next door. We don’t feel forced to go out, the way you do when you’re staying in a hotel type lodging, we always stay in an apartment, with all the amenities. We choose one place and stay there for six months at a minimum. I find that life gets to encumbered with details if we have to switch places all the time. We like to stock the fridge, enjoy our satellite movies, ADSL, getting to know the neighbors…it’s a different kind of traveling, a relative experience as opposed to a transition..we feel at home wherever we go. Weeks, even months can go by without noticing how time flies, it’s…pleasant.

We found that not cooking for ourselves is not only financially practical but it also keeps the bugs down. The ubiquitos asian cockroach has an extraordinary sense of smell and even the leftover molecules laying around after a fry up can bring them scouting, bottom line, no cooking, no bugs, works for me. I hate my own cooking anyway. I’m not going to pretend I can cook to any degree, so I don’t. We’ll finish off the itinerary by waiting for the sun to go down, maybe watch a sunset movie, and then go out, like sensible people , when the heat dies down and have some truly delicious food at a sidewalk stall somewhere close by, the choices are fantastic in this town. Hey, dinner for two for less than five dollars…can you beat that?