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heavenly breeze, ninety degrees

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Does it get any better than this? What a great place to work! Truth be told, the world  can be deceiving . I get this great breeze coming off the Gulf of Thailand through my apartment, a corner unit up in a highrise surrounded by open fields on the periphery of Bangkok. It’s only a short elevator ride down to the ground where the temperature is more like a well stoked furnace. Most days I carry an umbrella to cover me from the suns burning rays as I scurry from my shaded path to an air con hidey-hole and back again.

Today’s outside activity has been limited so far to going out and picking up a few packets of extraordinary Thai food ( Ahaan Thai) from the open court vendors who set up behind the office towers next door. I order Sai take away in neat little Styrofoam containers lined with plastic sheet. I liked the look of the crispy pork and sweet sausage with sauce on rice for 30 baht. Next I had a vegetable dish with mixed chicken and egg deep fried , Kai Tiao mixed with chili/spices..also 30 baht. Two ice coffee…Ga Fey Yen…20 baht each. $3,66 for a meal I would have paid over $20 for in Canada. I’m thinking about an afternoon snack !