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a solento saturday night

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Vive la differance. I received an email from a friend in Columbia overnight. He’s an actor some would recognize as the number three guy supporting the star in many major movies. He spends every winter traveling outside Canada, this year he picked a mountainous region of Columbia famous for it’s coffee. I spent a lot of time in Columbia as a kid and concur, it’s a nice place. for sure.

He tells me that there was an incident outside his guest house in the early hours before dawn, apparently a drunk coming home from the cantina began firing off his pistol outside my friends bedroom window. He thought I’d appreciate the story/situation because my namesake and spiritual mentor, 19th century J Wes Hardin, was supposed to have fired his gun through a bunk house wall, killing an occupant who snored too loudly. OK I get the cosmic kismet, very funny Stephen.

My only complaint in BKK is the soi dogs going off at sunrise. They seem to get crazy brain signals from outer space when the sun breaks out that serves to drive them into a frenzied cacophony of continuous yelping. I’m blessed that there are no roosters or peacocks allowed to be kept in my neighborhood. That would be too much. I suppose it’s a heck of a lot better than gunfire. With that in mind I’m reminded that there is less deadly violence in Bangkok, a city of 12 million, than there is in Vancouver, a strip mall sized berg of just a few hundred thousand. Thank the Buddha for his influence. I’ll go back to watching my wife water her orchids.