fireworks for the king

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just think if you could take in all the best fireworks shows from around the world  at the same time. The citywide pyrotechnical display put on tonight for the King of Thailand by the people and districts of Bangkok made it possible for me to witness the greatest fireworks show I have ever witnessed…and I thought I’d seen them all. Sydney on New Year….lame…Vancouver’s Festival of Light…. a block party…New York 4th of July…short on substance big on hype.

The 7th cycle of King Bumiphol on his 84th birthday was celebrated in high style by his adoring populace. From the rooftop of my high rise perch we had a 360 degree view of a city wide display that beggars all description. Each district Association spent generously on showing their appreciation and genuine love they have for the King.

It started at 7PM with a sputtering outburst from side to side. As if opposing cannoneers were firing test rockets at the enemy. Within a few minutes the entire city lit up with what I can only describe as the synaptic experience of a lifetime. The show of at least thirty launch sites in a circle around me went on around us for an hour amid great celebration and cheers. Don’t forget that BKK  averages about 40 miles across, it’s massive……what a city, what a year to be spending the winter in Thailand !

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