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of happiness and fireflies

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In our brains the process of stimulation resembles a series of tiny explosions as the synaptic cells burst with energy and then relay to the next station. A single thought is created by a firestorm of collective activity. The landscape of Bangkok on New Years eve resembled that phenomena. I had to wonder what the collective consciousness of Thailand was saying  at the moment hundreds of fireworks discharges were simultaneously set off across face of the city. There was no coordination …..all happening spontaneously….all joy…no show….unlike the insipid and boring ball drops and bridge displays of the more publicized ‘shows’.

Pat and I had a brief but poignant conversation with a fellow in a soup stall inside the Chinatown covered market. We talked about our kids going through University…..he said something interesting…that although many Thais go away for education in the west ..they invariably come back to work and live in Thailand…..because their first priority in life is to be happy…and people are happier in Thailand than many other countries…particularly the western economies. I can attest to that.

So,,as I watched the helicopters circling above the city…so plentiful that they looked like fireflies buzzing around an acacia tree, I understood a little more about the Thai peoples frantic adaptation of western economy and adherence to Thai ‘happiness’ . It is a twinning that doesn’t exist in the rat race of the west….unique to this place…..where being happy is considered more important than being rich….go figure.