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drip drip drip

Posted: January 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well…..that was a short ‘cool season’. We’re back to dripping humidity and sitting very still to avoid sweating too much. Funny how the slightest movement in this heat can make one start sweating  prodigiously. In overcast skies the average daily temp has been 91 degrees…up from high 70’s a month ago. I’ve noticed all the other small details that have come with the changing season…keen observer that I am. We seem to have a growth in the number of flying insects of all kinds, including mozzies. There are different birds migrating through made apparent by differing bird son day and night….who ever heard birds at night…apparently  common here. The pigeons are back trying lay eggs under my air con unit on the balcony….I thought I had them trained….bird brains. Drip drip drip……five minutes at the keyboard and I’m already dripping through the creases.