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the bangkok dimension

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We often talk about how time seems to take on a different character after you’ve lived here for a while.  Days speed by so fast that we don’t notice whole months have been consumed. Naturally I discount the long term boozers for whom time has no relativity. Some area’s of Bangkok are a maelstrom of  flotsam and castaways who have landed  on the shores of Planet Thailand after gravity and tide forsook their  lost souls  in the rest of the world. The Thai’s are a benevolent bunch and take in stray dogs as they would pick their teeth.

Back to living on Bangkok time…each of us has recognized the importance of keeping to a  schedule. Otherwise days turn into weeks and weeks to months without  notice. I have developed the habit of changing my daily routine frequently so as not to become a melted pat of butter gone to waste under the Bangkok sun. If you do move here, I suggest you have something to do with your time. If not you risk becoming one of the aimless punters who limp along like withered husks, dead from the neck up.