Archive for January 18, 2012

Our swimming pool is a nocturnal portal to a world of delight. The cooling water bakes right into my core after  hours of sticky hot humidity and alleviates the dogged over heated aspect of living where the temperature averages 90 degree’s. At night I especially enjoy the experience of floating weightless and looking up at the  sky. The feeling is what I imagine it would be like to exist between two worlds, it’s heavenly. You would think that the sky would be obscured by light pollution in such a setting as Bangkok, but not true. It’s a clearly visible ocean of stars, constellations and a very prominent Jupiter. Under a full moon the experience of having my body suspended in an anti gravity state is mind bending. Our Thai neighbors use the pool only after the sun goes down, they do not sunbath during the day, but they do bring their families down to the water at night. It’s very sweet to see people residing here engaging in such a traditional activity. It is a time to play, talk, have fun and socialize, all to the music of the night-birds.  In my imagination I see more about why water forms such an integral part of peoples daily lives and culture  here. A century and more ago people would have gathered by the riverside to swim and dance in the cool of the evening, just  as our swimming pool attracts people today.