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We were talking about appreciating what we don’t have  opposed to what we would if we lived in the west. It started with a  comment about not wearing half the clothes we’d brought over with us when we came. The list continued to grow the more we discussed all the petty things we no longer find ‘necessary’. This epiphany was compounded by the fact that we are truly happy……despite possessing very little except a few pairs of flip flops and a change of clothes.  In the west we experience a high level of satisfaction…..because we are successful in the sense that we have the things that the advertisers deem necessary to  exist in  western society.  But being happy…..that concept is fleeting in the west……transitory and rare..Most people have to shop in order to alleviate their day to day frustrations…..that is not happy…you have to be happy in order to find true happiness…..only happiness will make you happy.