all we can do is hope

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had to take a break from writing and dive into the pool. My fingers were dripping sweat onto the keyboard. The constant beauty of the setting has allowed another month to slip by unnoticed. I have noticed that the planet is shifting a degree at a time. This has brought Neptune into view. It’s very cool to have two bright planets in the sky. This cosmic declination has apparently stimulated the termites to swarm. Clouds of them attack the light wherever they can find it, window screens are a big help unless you want to dine by candlelight. Plenty of unsung soldiers floating  in the pool, which the pool guy is dutifully skimming off as I write.

We want to thank all 58,000 people who have watched our YouTube video’s on patriciaolson9. We can only trust that divine providence will allow us more time to continue. All we can do is hope. “It’s a real stinker today,” says Patricia….I concur 100%.

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