strange year for weather in asia

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s supposed to be the best time of year to visit Thailand for overall ambiance…..that includes right now…..a mystical period called ‘yen sabai’ where the extreme heat and humidity abates and the sun shines everyday…..not happening this year. Weather reports on the local TV show that flooding and heavy rain is still affecting the entire country.

The ocean condition reports show similar turbulence at sea which makes the water too turbid for snorkelling anywhere close to the coastline. I’d want to be very careful traveling from island to island on a small craft in these conditions. Conditions in BKK are always the same…smelly.. crowded…jackhammer loud…..just great!! The beach trip so far is a bust……lets hope for a turnaround in what has been a very strange year for weather in Asia generally.

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