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Over a period of many years while we were still young and stupid we tortured ourselves at the midpoint of every vacation by asking ‘why do we have to go back’.  Back …meaning the city and country of  origin and had put down such an incredibly deep set of roots that we thought we would never be able to extricate ourselves. “It’s just too complicated,” was the excuse we used. In the end we realized that life was all about the choices we make for ourselves.  At the end of our journey we have no one to answer to but ourselves as to whether we enjoyed our one shot of mortality. No one is in charge of you except you in the final analysis. The leap from never never to always always always is really just a short walk on a path of paving stones that you throw out in front of you to keep you up and out of the muck and mire. There’s an advertising slogan somewhere, I don’t recall what they’re selling, I just like the words…’Just do it’. That sounds about right. Will you regret having lived….or regret having let life pass you by? Why am I thinking about this today….I don’t know..ask the weather.