don’t ‘vie’ for me argentina

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

The idea that all Asian countries are backwards and impoverished is an antiquated notion. These economies are the envy of the industrialized world. GDP growth in the region ranges from 5& to 11% per annum. Compared to the western malaise where estimates are sub 2%,  these tigers are living in a bold new world and leaving the west behind in a cloud of gold dust.  You should not be arriving here dressed in safari clothes expecting the colonial experience of the 19th century. In decades past there were definite differences in the expectations regarding quality of life, these gaps have been closed by the rapid growth of these countries. Good jobs, good education, good health, higher standards of living, lower cost of living, lower taxation, higher disposable incomes are all things that Asians enjoy today as compared to their grandparents generation. So, ‘don’t vie for me Argentina’, the idea that everyone here is desperate to move away is simply an out of date fallacy left behind by a lost generation of advertisers and special interest groups. OK, it can be argued that it is not perfect. But can you honestly give me an example of a country that is? I come from Canada and my country is far from perfect, inequities are rife, corruption is institutionalized, and lots of poor people are not enjoying the miracle of that western paradise either. Kudos’s to the Asian people and the economies of these countries for having made such incredible progress in such a short period of time. If western law makers were making equivalent progress we’d  be living like the Jetsons.


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