symphony of sunshine

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is nothing as perfect as making love. If your world is  in harmony that can only make it better. When you wake in a state of mind where you can enjoy a blissful  morning filled with sunshine and birdsong it’s better still. It seems that I am opening a conversation about how life  builds from a single note then adds  flourishes  until you are  taken by the music of an  orchestra  revealing a spontaneous symphony  written only for you. The music you hear is the music you write. Today, I have written the opening notes of a symphony of sunshine. The conductor in me says ‘play on’.

“the lovers swam in liquid fire

suspended between two worlds

surrounded by a  jasmine scented square

it’s all or nothing someone sang

they grasped  life it before it had passed

to dance beneath the moon

it’s fortunate and rare

two planets circling above agree

they’ve seen it all before and laugh

at the contented world around a phallic tower

set inside a  field of green

where  lovers languish in the deep

suspended between  worlds



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