ode to the dragon princess

Posted: February 9, 2012 in poetry

I’ll return the dreams I’d stolen

From your lips while you were sleeping

I’m not the man you should follow

I have no right to keep them

I’ve never understood your kind

The princess of a fallen kingdom

Broken walls I breached with guile

I’ve always known the truth lay fallow

The sun would beckon to arise

I  become your humble servant

Not the man that you admire

That you will fly is my salvation

Your wings across my eyes

It’s  time for me to face the mountain

Release the dreams I held in trust


Cruel to keep them from you

Now that you are wild and strong

Magic  you’ll find within

Pure as the day I took them

I  hope that you’ll forgive me

To  watch as you ascend

A land beyond  the shadow waits

Where vision reigns

And tigers rule their destiny





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