destiny be damned

Posted: February 14, 2012 in poetry

We live in an era of great secular division and political unrest. People are as confused as ever over questions as to the disposition of their place in the universe and the meaning of life.  2012 has been ushered in with an unusually high level of discord among people and nations. I am one of those people who believes in conspiracy theory. It appears to me  that disharmony is manufactured by those who would seek to benefit from  chaos.

I have no religious sensibilities. I am not one  whose emotions can be stimulated by threats against my tribal affiliation. My country of origin is not one that stresses nationality over all other considerations. I do not become outraged at any apparent slight towards my flag or monarch. I am not reincarnated nor did I enjoy a birth which provided me with any coincidental benefits.

This attitude I enjoy allows my mind to range freely among the worlds many interests, without preconditioned notions regarding my culture, society, geography or my place in the world. To the power mongers among the political and religious classes I may be a dangerous man, for in my possession, I hold freedom of thought and movement. I respect my responsibility by holding my unbridled rights above the torrent of influence in the hopes that they will not be taken away by the sudden issuance of any covetous fanatics who would see an end to my way of life. In essence, I am wary of the world and take nothing for granted. Democracy is messy and freedom isn’t free.

Challenges have not escaped me. However, I have done the best I could with the tools I had to work with. Along the same analogy, I was not born with the sharpest set of knives in the drawer. I found that I could only produce results for myself through conscious endeavor and keen personal planning skills. Having been born in a western democracy with a relatively stable environment has allowed me to plod along until the world around me began to make sense. Time is an underappreciated and undervalued commodity. Many may rightly call the absence of direct strife , lack of overbearing social-psychological conditioning or immediate hunger and intellectual freedom an unfair advantage in itself and I would agree. But at the same time that doesn’t mean that life in the west is easy. Ours is a very complicated society, fraught with  divisions and misgivings.

Our natural conditioning by way of evolution and history has resulted in the hard-wiring of the human brain a disposition towards a belief in magic and the supernatural. It is my contention that we programmed ourselves over time to rely on the perception of a spiritual world to explain to ourselves the natural world that we couldn’t intellectualize into the context of our time as part of our survival instinct. When times get hard we have the inert ability to deny reality. It seems to be a kind of natural stress relief mechanism. That theory of course is debated furiously by the multitudinous concepts that exist amongst us as separate political entities. Against the template of modernity, the dichotomy of these  antipodal worlds can be contentious and confusing. We are taught to believe our leaders, but at the same time we are  inundated with examples of ‘good fortune’ and ‘luck’. I don’t believe in anything except the product of what I have produced  myself.

The world you live in and experience is entirely of your own design. It is possible that you change your destiny by walking out the door or decide to entertain an entirely new set of values. People convert all the time to a new philosophy, religion, credo, set of values, change professions. It does not have to be the that the product of accidental birth or geography  imprints an indelible road map across the stars from which you have no escape. ‘Change your mind and change your life’, has been a metaphor for the way I have adjusted myself to my personal circumstance. If you’re not very bright or you didn’t come from the best of beginnings these factors alone should not be an impediment to you having a long term plan for yourself. Your success may not be instantaneous. In my case I am in my late fifties and just beginning to feel settled in my skin.  But only because I spent the last twenty years working towards this moment in time.

You may not be the one to change the political or social structure of the world. The chaos will probably swirl around you without once asking for your input or opinion. What you can do is work towards making a better life for yourself by seizing your independence and extricating yourself from the positioning of any negative dogma which could effect your life. I dreamed up an expression and have handed it down to my son because it worked so well for me. Here it is, ‘Don’t hang around with fools and foolish things won’t happen ‘. Free your mind, the rest will follow. Think good thoughts. Maybe this philosophic tirade of mine will help the world change  one person at a time . Destiny be damned.



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