a tropical affliction

Posted: February 14, 2012 in poetry

i have a geographic illness

a tropical affliction

theres no name for a disease

that causes me to shake and weaze

an aversion to cold weather

that can’t  be diagnosed in latin

or prescribed a regime of treatment

except by a thermometer

properly inserted  to read 95 degree’s

in the blue equatorial water below the equator

where i can set my watch by the sunset

at precisely the same time every evening

i sleep listening to the waves

crashing on the beach

lilting jalapa music

drifting on the trade winds

away from the dark and dreary lines

that demarcate  meridians

between the tropics of capricorn and cancer

my sensuous attitudes

depend on southern latitudes

a creative spark inside me

is ignited by the sun and southern cross

as it lifts off the horizon

against the sea of stars

without which i may die

we shower in the rain

her hair is scented with frangipani and jasmine blossom

i can’t do without these things

is that too much to ask

white skin looks dead to me

in truth i get depressed

life without the sea and sand

without the crystal ocean

is no life at all

i’m a prisoner of geography

i have a tropical affliction

i need my daily dose of sun

to balance my addiction


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