in the name of love

Posted: February 15, 2012 in poetry

is it alright

to give my heart away

if i know it will be broken

can i bury

my guns in the ground

and leave myself defenseless

time alone will tell

if i will lay among the fallen

i will kneel down at your altar

taste the nectar of your kind

i will go where lovers do

my heart will follow blindly

you made light of my emotion

a candle made  of glass

the moonlight saw right through me

i remain defenseless

unarmed at your feet

a counter measure to your chorus

i will myself to die trying

to give my heart to you

do with it what you will

to love to lose to never live

at all

is senseless

while castle walls are burning

mi corazon en peligro

the moon relieved me of my secrets

may i awaken with the language of love spilling from my lips

words as beautiful as those of gabriel marquez

who broke his solitude

in the name of love

for you

and those like me who seek it


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