Posted: February 16, 2012 in poetry

breathlessly you count the signposts flying by

as if they are a measure of your safety

you wonder how it went so wrong

your father drank himself into a rage

mothers pills took precedent

demons of the night behind you

the steel horse  you called to heel

is racing down the interstate

where tomorrow finds you heaven knows

life is such a tragedy

you’re running from the ones you know

the ones who should have loved you  don’t

turn up the music let it flow

the ragged wind and freeway know

the song that you’re about to sing

the words get crushed under the wheels

as they are torn from your lips

because you’ve rolled the window down

‘lord take away my pain

give me hope that i may see

turn my face into the sun

life is such a tragedy’

you want to shout

instead you write

a book of tattered memories

the only thing that you possess

your secret truth concealed within

anxious promises made  under your bed

that you’d be strong no matter what

you count the signposts flying by

wish on the stars up in the sky

cry yourself to sleep

one eye open

nothing is ever as it seems

they’ve proven that where you come from

a prayer to god remains unanswered

you’re wondering why he’s forsaken you

did he ever know your name

life is such a tragedy

you whisper that’s it’s all or nothing

your sadness is well hidden

you wrote your name on your skin

in case what you’ve read is true

a child’s mind in motion

you sail into  opposing wind

count the signs along the highway

dip your hand into the water

compose a story about the borders

that stand  silent witness to your passing

the sun comes up like hungry fire

a landlocked prairie has kept you prisoner

suddenly you’re bathed in neon

just a stop along the highway

hunger stalks you like a  tiger

there’s no angel on your shoulder

disappointment makes you stronger

there’s a new world in the distance

you heard it on the radio

you’re unraveling a mystery

that’s painted on the highway signs

you’re too strange to be so young

too strong not to wander alone

there are rings around the sun

very soon the clouds will open

by that time you’ll leave the prairie

and pin your dreams against the painted sky

that hangs above the ocean

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