dissent is forbidden

Posted: February 19, 2012 in poetry

dissent is forbidden

where mullahs pimp the temple virgins

where weapons speak louder than appeals for peace

where freedoms womb is barren

where generals masquerade as human

where thought is censored by the privileged

where greed kills without fear of prosecution

where skin colour is a weapon and a curse

where religious men murder children in the name of god

when democracy is disaster to those in power

where slavers stalk the boardroom

when innocent people die because of plunder

when ideals become the victim of dogma

when one nation under god attacks another

when suicide becomes a political tool

when a trees cry in the forest falls on deaf ears

when a species dies under the scythe of progress

when the interest of one outweighs the needs of the many

when children go to bed hungry

when aid money is redirected into warfare

when corruption finds safe haven in the cities of the west

when the words of the prophet are twisted into hate speech

when freedom fighters die in chains

when governments reward themselves for policies that impoverish the citizen

when corespondents are bribed into silence

and the media becomes an enemy of the people who buy papers

when corporations rape the planet

when drug king pins can live in splendor

when people like robert mugabe walk the earth

when artists and lovers are not  royalty

when whales are butchered to nurse the boredom of the wealthy

when an old man will kill a tiger instead of buying viagra

when creeping fascism replaces civil rights in the name of national security

and heaven becomes a restricted enclave for a few fanatics

where sex can be purchased from the desperate by men who’s minds are sick and twisted

it’s the impoverished mind that will screw you in the end

when angels have gone off to war

when the banners and  treaties are stained with blood

when leaders call but stay behind

to lead from certain luxury

and dissent is forbidden

when a petulant pop princesses preening for her public takes precedence over everything

at half time

the above lines have all been gleaned from a single scan of one days headline news .

god help us

  1. Señor Guapo says:

    Good gravy, have you gone lefty on me?

    • right is sometimes left and right amigo. life is what happens between the goal posts of a dogmatic society . good ideas can become suppressed by prevailing ideologies. we live in a world of winners and losers….sad isn’t it?

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