the king of going backwards

Posted: February 21, 2012 in poetry

i was free falling one day through my foolish universe

twisting and flailing as i fell towards the earth

when i met a clown who was falling in reverse

and then we collided  and decided to converse

he told me we seemed to be a harlequin set

i told him my story and he said he didn’t care

with the earth rising fast i asked ‘wasn’t he scared’

he said ‘no , its all the same to me’

he told me that he was  king of all he surveyed

i gave him my hand but he said i was fake

he seemed to be everything i was not

and i asked ‘we share the same skin, how can you not be like me’

he replied that i was bound while he was free

i said you are right and you are no clown

because you’re rising  while i am falling down

i saw that he was a king suspended in the air

making something out of nothing

where it hadn’t existed before

this simple minded fool was twice the man  i am

and while we danced in the air  he sang a silly song

all about love and what else was wrong

he was a clown who had lingered for too long

what was lost could not be refound

he’d begun to make it up as he went along

he’d made a life of living in the opposite way

and had become the king of everything he surveyed

become the ‘luftmensch’ dancing in the air

my security was a prison leading nowhere

I was the fool and he was the king

i turned around to seek him and he was gone

I had wanted to learn his secrets and found him dancing in my head

i saw him on a cloud with the world in his hands

we danced upon a mountain of shifting sand and i understood

that the wisdom he imparted would never make any sense

his words were the opposite of everything i’d learned

instead we danced around and round in an opposite direction until we fell backwards in a heap

I looked  and saw that the bottom was the top

that no matter what i strove for the pain would never stop

until i danced upon the mountain with the king of going backwards

and we fell into a heap

laughing at my plans  i understood

we stopped and i asked him his name

he said he was the king of all he surveyed

el rey de balictad were the words he had said

the king of going backwards was laughing in my head

so i danced around in an opposite direction

i lost the vision of what i had planned for

i realized that nothing had to be as it seemed

that my life was all up to me

i am dancing around on a mountain of sand

round and around until i fall down

the king of living backwards is holding my hand

we all end up the same in the end


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