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under a mango rain

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i am revealed to you alone

who am i really

we married young and went our separate ways

career and child

a function more machine like

than the love we had ignited

i was struck by lightning

gladly burned by your delicious fire

you rescued me

by falling into my arms

that world has come to an abrupt end

as if it were a memory

it seems we had forgotten

if we’d ever had lives of own

but now we dance

like strangers meeting for the first time

under a mango rain

a touch, a smile,  i wonder how i ever lived alone

life had become a workplace

a place where things needed to get done

i thought i had chosen you for the sympathy

you had once expressed for me

not for an unholy mission to the suburbs

i was lost in your eyes, so you said

now i’m found

that was all so long ago

here we are

the mango rain  falling

it lifts us up

we’ll sail away

free at last

to dance this dance

under a mango rain