a secret life behind the garden wall

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

this uncertain plumeria

mounted the garden wall

with the feigned ardour

of a jaded lover

who had stayed long past

his appointed hour

in the arms of

a heart no longer his

with interest waning

his mind adrift

in a dream about what lay beyond

bougainvillaea and wisteria vine

holding him back

from spilling over

to keep the secrets held therein

that ancient paradise

wooden doors  faded and splintered

brave bolts resisted entry

so long that many had forgotten

a spell was cast to hold him prisoner

clattered echo’s in the lane

brought forth a shower of raining blossoms

his call for freedom went unheeded

the wind conspired

so did the season

blossoms fell onto the ground

strode upon and passed over

eaten by  cattle grazing the shady lanes

a scattering of  notes cascading from  behind

the garden wall

went unnoticed

a delicate disarray

inside the maze of silence

where an uncertain plumeria tree

dreamed of freedom


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