passing clouds

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

say goodbye to this dream and the next

fall asleep while clouds are in the sky

keep your treasure’s close upon your heart

the best of life is never meant to last

can it be that the simple man has left

stepped in to a world that’s not his own

the sun has washed my face and i’m alive

if i leave who’ll be left behind

to tend the garden i’ve nurtured

how it all began is still a mystery

why i should care so much

about what it means or not

the seed that never showed much promise

has brought new life all the same

fall asleep when clouds are in the sky

cherish is the word i follow

i’ve tasted nectar laced with moonlight

i’m ready

thoughts of yesterday ring hollow

birdsong sets my mind to wander

three aligned stars are like a string of pearls

in my familiar heaven

a dog runs circles around the sun

i surmise a special meaning

i feel it in my  heart, my self is empty

i count the racing clouds

with nothing on my mind but bliss

and may i fall before i wake

i leave behind the sands of time

a bed  to fall  upon

and watch  clouds take shape

until it’s  time to

release your treasures into the sea

as i have done

say goodbye to temporal dreams

as clouds pass

so do i


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