I’ve come to the determination that my blog is not irreverent enough . This may be because I  have nothing  inane  to say about drinking in my dorm room or  kvetching about hangovers and first experiences.  I read a lot of blogs, most  ….fart jokes….sexual immaturity…. sense of entitlement…. thinking everything is ‘new and undiscovered’…..boring after twenty years as an active involved parent. How childishness has ceased to interest me, let me count the ways.

If I read about anyone ‘discovering’ India or Thailand again I’ll puke. I own a T-shirt that  reads ‘ I’m a Virgin’ , while underneath it says, ‘this is a really old T-shirt’. I like to think…. thinking   is not a popular blog sport…..not punchy or current.  Maybe I should go for more ‘Jackass’ in my communications style? If I rip off ‘Attack of the Show’ like half a million ‘current’ offerings on YouTube have, will that make me ‘popular’?

No, that’s not for me, I’m all grownup. I have my own style. I like to pursue my intellect . Alcohol and kvetching interferes with the fluid continuity I enjoy. I am not desirous of  developing my personality  on the template of social expectations or seeking status through chemical stimulation. I still wonder, I still dream, just not through the filter of social media and peer homogeneity. I have my own thoughts. I like who I have become. Feckless insecurity is not my scene.

It’s my opinion that most people assume too much, take for granted what they know , who they are, instead of realizing that much of what they think is a by-product of societal conditioning and the mass delusion of trend following  advertised as to what is ‘popular’,   being aimed at their cohort, rather than from personal experience. I wonder what it would be like if more people aspired to create a single unique thought while alive. What would that world look like?

In the blog world I am a revolutionary.

  1. patricemj says:

    You know what you are….you’re a “wrogger”? I made that word up a few months ago when I was feeling dishearted with what I read in most blogs and what was chosen to be FPed. So a wrogger is someone who actually wants to write and think and reflect and share such with others on their blog. They are….revolutionaries!!! Please don’t go away. WP needs you.

    • thx P…..you caught me:) I also write a regular column for http://www.thetravelitch.com. I started writing novels years ago and have written five to date with a sixth in the works. I enjoy switching genres but keep a literary bent as my ‘style. I was influenced by the period literature of the 19th century Russian , French and English early in life and the South American school in my twenties. I took to science fiction from a young age. I take every opportunity to practice my craft. My focus in life has been traveling or escapism, however you want to term it. I have been a travel writer for some time, it took several years of submissions before being published the first time. I enjoyed that immensely. I am looking forward to publishing my poetry at some time.

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