the time has come for leaving

it brings a trail of sadness

i will follow

the sunrise


from whence i came

and will be again

to the joyless satisfaction

of memories unbroken

i am leaving

and in my heart i don’t know why

there will never be


this path I’ve taken many times

talks in circles but never ryhmes

or intimates about the day

that i will rest

i’m waiting for a miracle

these prayers i speak

never fly

high enough

and i am left behind

to wonder at the reasons

that i  beg unheeded to follow a trail of broken promises

to myself

as if i walk on eggshells

every time i sleep to dream

and all the while

waiting for a miracle

to lift my tattered wings in song

that i may stay behind with my heart

this time

and return never more

to what i have truly abandoned

save the memories

i’d just as soon forget

and yet my suitcase

has crept out of the closet

and rests now on the floor


and knowing more

than i have willing said

unless i have been crying aloud in my sleep

praying for a miracle

that i will fly no  more

tomorrow is for leaving

time for denial past

these cards are stacked against me

as always

i may dance for a time

shout against the things i hate

what drives me down are the skills i lack

to perform a miracle

so i wait

for chaos , fate or divine intervention

to close the gate

but i could wager against the sunrise

as i have done many times before

only to find this suitcase in my hand

watch me walking out the door

but in my mind

i’m still waiting for a miracle

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