six months in asia was so gooooooooooood….

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Patricia and I are very near the end of another fantastic journey. After six months headquartered in Bangkok and traveling around Asia we’re at peace with the idea that we will leave for Vancouver in a few days. And what a journey it was….not our first nor our last…but certainly one of the best. Once again we’ve amazed ourselves and proven to our impatient followers that it is entirely possible to pack a simple suitcase and relocate around the world in complete comfort.

We  decided that Canadian winters are impossible to cope with. We’re tropical people at heart. Ski hills and toboggans are of zero interest to us. Short vacations suck, they’re more frustrating than anything. I can’t stand the idea that we should fly half way around the world to lay on a beach for two weeks…I need more…less than six months and you just don’t experience ………’the shift’.

I guess we’re fortunate to live the way we do. It all comes out of years of great personal planning…..choices can be made….we made them. I may not have a leased Escalade in the driveway….but I have some great stories…a sunny disposition…..and a great zebra stripe across my ass that makes me smile every morning remembering how it got there.

Another successful snowbird mission accomplished…sad to leave so many new friends behind. Bangkok has again provided us with a home. Of course we’ll come back soon…we’re never away for long….the city’s forever in our hearts. ‘Things’ have been piling up on our desk at home…again..the product of many long term plans. Our son’s convocation from UNI is a big one…..many administrative features to our lives need direct contact. There are some things that can’t be done by remote.

I have a big stopwatch n my head…it will start to count down the minute we leave here. The next six months will be a flurry of activity revolving around planning our next winter away.



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