skimming through memento’s in a drawer

i had a transient thought

that tumbled by

reminding me

of how things began

i realized

i wouldn’t change a thing

if changing  meant that i was changed

my fingers picked blindly through  random objects

and i began to drift away

one by one they came alive

in my mind and in my hands

in that moment

i’d sailed across the universe


brought me a  certain satisfaction

knowing that i could travel  through time

and remain constant

i sensed an inspiration

take wing

i was lifted

having  seen it all before

reading what i’d written years ago

could have been written yesterday

i met myself in that reflection

not surprised in what i saw

the oscillating waves of times dream


then was now…and now again

i closed my eyes upon that nexus and  remembered

everything with perfect vision

time unscathed by reality

i slipped between the sheets of time

to dream

taken by a tide

einstein would have been so proud

to be wrong

and we are free

to swim in the universe

and live into eternity


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