I have begun a new novel. I have decided to write the book entirely online as part of my ongoing blog. These are the first rough paragraphs. This work is a continuation of the Gaia series   previously published. Geosophy is a word I have created to describe the mind-set of a living planet. The story line to date revolves around the awakening of  Earth as a sentient being named Gaia. In the first book ‘The Gaia Uprising’ the planet is shocked awake by the mistreatment of the human industrial complex. The second installment ‘Fringelords-Return to Gaia’ tells of mans dedication to destroy the natural environment and willingness to fight to do so, even if it means a thousand generations of mutation and a flight across the universe . The fractious relationship between mankind and the natural world, in this case Gaia and her fictional competing interests, Fringelords, Pureons, Caapi, along with a physical, psychological and spiritual evolution of the human species,  represent the inherent chaos of creation itself. This third novel is intended to be a work of dystopian science fiction. I welcome the input of any science fiction-dystopian aficionado’s out there.


The Living Gaia

Chapter One

Four thousand years had passed since her rude awakening. Gaia had slowly grown into her role as the mother of all things. It hadn’t always been easy. The last  thousand years, the time of transmutation, had been especially hard, but she had found a way to cope. Her greatest obstacle had been the one species she had come to love best, mankind. Why this  seemingly insignificant life form had taken over her heart was inexplicable, but it had come to be.

Waking up in her lover’s arms was always a time of intense emotion. It was still a shock to her that she had taken human form. Even more surprising was that human biology had over run her senses and  competed for her attention. She watched herself becoming more human every day. Gaia never forgot that she had the power to change the world with a single thought. One sweep of her hand could brush away whatever she’d  decided needed ‘adjustment’. The emotional reality of her human biology affecting her mind  sometimes lead to awesome and frightening prospects.

In the past she would have been worshiped as an all powerful god. But here she was, laying in the arms of a man  who she had granted immortality , wanting nothing more than to be a woman. She had dreamed of being alive for millions of years and now her fantasy had become reality.


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