he leaps from treetop to treetop

barely touching a frosting of snow

dusting the highest boughs

his eyes keen on a silhouette  that ran past the face of the moon

nimble feet dancing in the light

reflected lightning as he sped

racing down  transmission wires in pursuit

suddenly awakened sparks behind

snap in anger in his wake

before his passing could be determined

onto the back of a raven in flight

his heart skipped a beat

as he followed the moon shadow

that frightened oracle threw him off

as it banked

and careened into the  night

crashing through  forest boughs

breaking the frozen blue silence

wild with raucous protest and admonition

to fear time

he quickened his pace

enraptured by what he couldn’t understand

drew him reckless out of a restful dream

and into the night

to run

in the moon shadow

  1. marj says:

    This poem is captivating, J West.
    I like it so much; Thanks for sharing.

    • thx marj…i write what pops into my head…origins unknown.

      • marj says:

        That’s what it makes it all the more mystifying. How poets like you can come up with compelling verses of unknown origins.

        Your bio on this site is pretty impressive as well.

        Your wife who figures a lot in your posts and photo images looks like a filipina. Is she?

      • i’m happy to have engaged your mind. i did not marry a filipina……..but love adobo and am always fecund with visions of returning to the philipines for the sighing beauty of the land and gentle nature of the people…….and obviously adore alliteration. my bio is a portrait painted by accidental fate and circumstance…..my part in arranging things has been generally reckless and coincidental. i describe myself as a seeker, an observer, without a goal or a map, i wander the earth like a breath of homeless air, pity my wife as we live an entirely temporary life. best wishes

  2. marj says:

    Beautifully said. Thanks for your wholehearted impression of our land and its adobo. You may be an aimless wanderer, as you interestingly put it, but your life nonetheless has been one helluva sensational adventure 🙂 I’m sure. I envy you.
    Best wishes as well.

    • As a wordsmith I collect words…like others collect bottle caps or stamps. One of my favorite words just happens to originate in the Phills…’balictad’. I have oft used the pseudonym ‘Elrey de Balictad’ in my writings…..Describing myself as ‘the king of doing things the wrong way’ is quite appropriate….As in everything in life…the more you practice…the better you get at the practice. So going at life backwards is a skill of mine that I do quite well. Sensational..yes…adventure..yes….hell-uv-a …..hell yeah 🙂

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