i may  have fallen

as i’m weary

too much dancing in the moonlight

slipped on the dark cracks

inky black

twisted broken sidewalks of my life

laying prostrate

under a street lamp

upon a pastel mural

by some forgotten artist

as anonymous as myself

the stars above me

in the red sky

perhaps a chance to rest

i doubt it

i am stricken

with a calling

homeless and wandering

my only inclination

i have  one pair of shoes fit for dancing

from trip to trip

call me back

i may not answer

this  drive is a lust and desire

to lead a life of deaf and dumb insecurity

wrenching me by the hair to carry on

in spite of any attempt to struggle away

i may have made in the past

i have no complaints

that’s ancient history

i  sing in the sunshine

and cry in the rain

bemoan every cloudy day

but i know i’m alive from day to day

this shadow in the alley may be frightening to you

but i am home there

with other vagrants like myself

and we are legion

a cooperative of fools

alive behind the mystery of an obvious world

without a pot to piss in

i spell freedom on the sidewalk with my spray

as i hear the music playing

in the distance

my feet begin to twist and join

i lift my head

the breathless sigh of a reckless seeker

has wound itself around my soul

i have no choice than to follow

and rage against the light

of a civilization whom i deny exists

what will come of this social apostate

no one knows and no one cares

inscribe this on my paper urn

before offering me back to the wild wind

‘he lived from day to day

and danced outside the lines’

  1. akshitachandra says:

    I love the photograph and the poem too..

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