my dreams haven’t come true
i languish between worlds
though i have worshiped at every temple
kept my faith
aflame in my heart over mendicant miles
tried to touch your mind as fervently as a penitent with eyes on fire

i remain outside the lines
and have been for so long
that i forget who i ever was
i have not been touched
by the devils hand
nor have i been sought out by any church
to wash my soul

fate and karma
are dog eared books in the library of my life
i sought answers in likely places
traveled the world in search of knowledge
i have never understood
why life has passed me by
even as i walked the straight and narrow
no gentle slopes have filled my landscape
only jagged hills and dark forest
a man forsaken

i have wandered the world with less breath than a dead man
living hand to mouth no stranger
unobserved and discarded like dust
untouched by the hand of glory
oh lord challenge me with some thing other than pain
i have lived with the patience of job
one tentative step at a time
to no avail
the will to fight you is all that remains
my in-generous companion

the constant and unremitting rain
has killed the seedling
you brought to earth
and now threatens to wash away
the bitter husk
along with the memory of all i ever was

what did i do but be born
to deserve an inglorious fate?
if this is all there is
then leave me alone
at least give me the peace that will surely exist
in the void left behind
by your absence

in the past i fought bad luck to a standstill
never letting opportunity pass me by
but the price was steep
no silver spoon has touched my lips
my birth right
or the graveyard
the dark dreams of my broken sleep
raucous witness of what has transpired
i wish it had been easier
i wish i would have been blessed to receive
i have witnessed easy, i know what it is
but that was never my fate

and now that i’m weary I see dreams sliding past
stolen from the air by wolves who live outside my door
they are hungry and prepared
as i once was
but now i must starve
in some evolutionary game
dreams are for the fortunate and strong
i can only dream of the dreams
that didn’t come true

  1. marj says:

    i wonder who has been your inspiration for this poignant piece.
    Pretty haunting..

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