I flew to the ‘wet coast’ of Canada, specifically Vancouver British Columbia, to attend my sons University graduation ceremony. True to form, it hasn’t stopped raining since I arrived. This isn’t the pleasant stop and go rain of Europe or the warm showers of tropical latitudes. Here in BC we have a freezing monsoon for eleven months of the year with rare respite. This is why so many Western Canadians are so deep in denial about where they live. The people here will fight to the death over the advertised slogans like ‘The best place on Earth’, but at the same time are the most active travelers in the country. It’s rare to meet anyone who isn’t either just planning to leave or just returning…from anywhere else…so funny.

When I come back here I rely on my bank of great memories to see me through all the dark days I have to weather before I can escape again. Thats why memories are such a great asset. When it is pounding down rain, as it is today, and far too cold to venture outside for more than it takes to pop in and out of the car, I have my memories of better days and higher states of mind. I can’t wait to get away again, but until then…I have my memories  aaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! Now……back to work. My new book is going well…..I’m at the half way point….As a writer I get to exist in a fantasy world that allows me to set my mind into a place that does not remind me of how ugly and miserable  it is to live here for any length of time…..I set my writing desk to face away from the window so I don’t have to look outside….sometimes for days at a time….drapes closed……at least life here offers no distractions like lazy days by the swimming pool or ambling down the street to look for yummy street snacks…..there’s none of that here.

Still, people pour in here by the ton, primarily poor frightened immigrant hopefuls who are escaping desperate situations in their own countries. They overcome the drudgery of the non existent lifestyle by focusing their attention on the fact that no one is shooting at them or robbing them. The fact that a person can come to Canada and escape the horrors of China, Somalia etc etc is what allows most to overlook the absolutely rotten weather. Still, we see these same people walking through the rain like lost children, sad for the sun that never that never shines. Of all the reasons that people come to Canada , good weather is not one of them. If you’re not a miserable refugee escaping from religious, economic or political oppression…..this is no place to ‘live’.

  1. marj says:

    This comes as a very big surprise to me because so many of my countrymen dream of migrating to Canada. So I’ve always thought of it as like the next best thing to paradise. 🙂 Funny how the state of its climate never figured much into our consideration here. Thanks for the enlightenment, J West.

    • My first suggestion to all people would be to work at making their own countries better places to live so that they don’t have to feel like you must escape your own homes. This common sense approach to religion , culture and general attitude has made Canada what it is. But don’t come here for the weather.

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