Archive for June 13, 2012

It’s been a foul start to the year here in Aca Nada ( the original inscription on a Spanish navigation map that described Canada – it means ‘here is nothing’-meaning the Spaniards found nothing of interest when they first discovered Canada’s East Coast) and in spite of the hype around Canada meaning ‘village’ as posited in the politically correct circles of Ottawa and Vancouver being the ‘Best place on Earth’ , the country remains mired in self interested obscurity under a cold dense rain cloud of wet sub- arctic blah’.As I have often said “unless you’re an unfortunate escapee from some global shit hole…Canada is no paradise as a place to live”.

Bright sparks on the horizon is the convocation ceremony I will attend today for my sons graduation fro university. After 4 1/2 years of expense and endeavor we climb over that long fought hurdle. Travel opportunities have also come my way and I will be off again to sunny climes before the month is out. It will be heavenly to leave Vancouver and the miserable climate here. 6 weeks here has been quite enough…thank you.