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On Saturday there was a short lived storm that blew into Dallas, six people died. I was surprised by the violence unleashed in such a short period of time. For those few minutes that the storm lasted it was as if nature had declared war and the unexpected weather strike was the first blow. I’m glad that nature is as fickle, forgetful and forgiving as she is or there could have been devastation.

Apparently, it’s ‘normal’ for these weather anomalies to strike without warning. The storm was unleashed ‘out of the blue’, after all, we’re smack in the middle of the infamous southern track of ‘Tornado Alley’. When the story of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz was created, the author was speaking out of personal experience.

This ‘Highway of Hellish Weather’ stripes across the southern and Midwest states from Texas to Kansas, with Oklahoma bearing the brunt of the strongest storms that build across the scorching barren badlands where cold northern air from the eastern face of the Rocky Mountains beat into the rising heat that comes off the Gulf of Mexico to create an area of deadly turbulence.

Amazingly, the people that live here are incredibly resilient and hardly notice the regular occurrences of destructive weather. Although the television media covers the trail of death after every tornado and hurricane, the local response is that ‘it’s happening somewhere else to someone else’. I suppose this a natural human response to danger, we want to ‘go on’ in the face of adversity, something to do with the way we’re hardwired to survive.

Personally, I would find somewhere safer to live rather than wait for the next twister. I am not a nihilist by nature. But, when we think of it, living anywhere has it’s challenges. If it isn’t weather related it can be the challenges of the sociological or geological, volcanic, financial aspects of life, many of us struggle with something. Life is seldom without difficulty of some sort.

My demon is boredom. I can’t stand staying in one place any longer than I absolutely have to. I wrestle with this ‘itchy feet’ syndrome. But……. at least my issues are not with having my roof  torn off by a tornado and being sucked out of my bed by the twisted vortex into a wizard world of witches and sundry archetypes to hover over some mythical place called ‘Kansas’……my dreams are already bad enough as it is.

(to be cont’d)