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Individual effort and rugged self interest are the hallmarks of Texan society. You never have to go far or surf up or down many channels to find out who or what holds the laser focus of the peoples attention. Success can be measured in dollars and public notoriety. A person always knows where they stand on the societal ladder. Sports stars, rock stars, wealthy businessmen and women are the figures that inspire.

There is far less inferred  interference by government in peoples lives than I would experience in a place such as where I come from, Canada. No one talks about the level of influence of government in their everyday lives. As opposed to the mass socialism imposed by government such as we have in Canada, this is more a nation of individuals who cooperate at certain points in time when the greater good requires them to do so. I believe this is the basic difference between our two cultures.

The disparity is almost indiscernible at first glance but then glaringly obvious as one uses their intellect to understand the dark area’s of dissonance that begin to delight and confuse a foreigners sensibility. Freedom is intoxicating, a playful arena of new found senses and even a bit of it begins to change you. I find that I begin to ask myself questions about why, in the absence of government intervention and involvement, why things work so well here without the heavy hand of government insinuating itself into everything?

Of course, it is not a perfect system, there is no such thing. But, compared to the countries where people are oppressed by physical, spiritual and moral dictatorships of every other kind, the dictatorship of democracy seems to be the best option found to date. The sports stars, rock stars and already wealthy are symbols of hope, not meant to be envied, but rather as metaphors and analogies of self regard, individual effort and inspiration for the path we all take to survive and better ourselves within a political  system that hopefully grants us the opportunity to do so without repressing us as individuals for the sake of another competing ideology. There is no better example of this human expression than here in the United States, like it or not.