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I love living in a place where the sun shines every day. My mind is at rest, my body feels great, my tan is cooling me down and for some reason my skin becomes smooth and silky to the touch. Even the usually dark hair on my arms and legs changes to a bright blonde.

I don’t know…could I be transcendent when touched by the sun, a shape shifter powered by light? Life in the tropics has always appealed to me both on a physical and spiritual level, so that the metaphysical becomes clear to me. Is it the quality of light that has been my magic key to a spiritual awakening?

I grew up rough and ‘out of doors’ on the cold streets of urban Canada. A chance landing under bizarre, almost otherworldly circumstances, in the presence of some very strange people, whom I have often suspected of not being human at all, in Hawaii, when I was 13 changed my life.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The freakish transition, as if I’d been lifted out of misery by the hand of another power and transported to the promised land,  started me along my lifelong belief that I have a spirit companion.

It could be that I had been born to demons from whom I escaped and a guardian angel took pity on me, saving me for something else, the entire rationale of my life has never been clear to me and I await an explanation. I know that by having been raised by wolves I have the wolf inside me still because I hear him howl in my dreams. I lash out against the force of evil that escapes while I sail through the mystic world of sleep, the violence often awakens me and I feel the distress of that touch on my soul.

Fortunately, my spirit keeper  introduced me to the rest of the world by granting me the respite of the traveler, to wander in bliss, away from the dark influences I had known when I was young. As I have written in the past ‘traveling saved my life’. I think the first time I saw a flowering tree, the blue clear water and that staggering blanket of green out of an aircraft window I knew I had been rescued.

My first  tropical awakening caused me to shed my clothes, the rags of the street urchin, to become a naked supplicant. I left my precious belongings behind me in a heap. The coats, boots and heavy jeans useless to me. I first knew the baptism of the sun, the kiss of the ocean waves and being wrapped in a blanket of warm sand. I remember that moment, I had never felt so loved, so free and finally… human.


( to be cont’d)