Archive for July 16, 2012

I appreciate simplicity. I don’t look for complications. Is it necessary to train, join , pay an entrance fee or tithe to understand synchronicity or the natural rhythm of the universe? I don’t think so. When I sit back and listen, all I hear is ‘la la la’, the echo trail of a mind at rest between the many worlds I occupy during the course of a day.

What do you hear when you stop thinking? If you stop moving, stop ‘doing’, what is the sound you hear when nothing else matters but you? It’s all about finding your bliss, and it is true that many people pay, tithe and train in an attempt to find that special place in the heart that brings inner peace, even if  only as a transitory anomaly in their lives. No one, no thing, no practice or place can bring you to bliss except you. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

I am fortunate to have found myself in tact and at perfect peace after drifting aimlessly on the endless ocean of life’s multitude of possible heavens and hell. Yes, I meant that, I think that there are many levels and interpretations of heaven unique in it’s manifestation for each and every individual, but hell needs no translation or interpretation, despair is the same in any  language. Heaven is a dream state, hell is temporal and physical.

La la la is the mindless state of happiness that occurs when bliss has met with your personal idyl of perfection. ‘La’ is the lexus nexus that sometimes takes the place of your ordinary train of thought. ‘La’ is the spontaneous moment when nothing else matters and you can revert back to a state of childlike simplicity and just appreciate what is happening in your life. Learn to appreciate ‘La’ no matter how fleeting, the effects are profound and long lasting, like a perfume of the highest quality, memorable.

The ‘La’ moment doesn’t have to be about you. It is about your being able to comprehend the nature and essence around you, whether it is technical or natural in origin. ‘La’ describes perfection in any person place or thing, you just happen to be in the right place, at the right time, and in the right state of mind to appreciate and wonder.

Pursue your bliss and perhaps find la la la when you least expect it, playing at your heartstrings.