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I say that only  because I will  leave this fantastic  sunny place today in a forced  retreat back to the darkness and  rain of Vancouver. I have been following the weather forecast for the wet coast everyday and dreading my return to that place. Yesterday was the hottest day on record here in Dallas Texas, 107 degree’s. It hasn’t been over 105 since 1938 ! In contrast Vancouver is a frigid 57…and raining…brrrrrr  & yuchhh 😦

Traveling away from any dreary spot is enlivening, enlightening and elucidates how really wonderful life can be when you plan your life accordingly. Vancouver is one of those places that people are perpetually planning to escape from, ‘getting away’ is one of the primary topics of conversation. Vancouver is one of the few cities where travel agents can still make a decent living. Although why more people haven’t caught on to the internet booking wave is beyond me.

I  have replenished my Vitamin D supply , no pharmacy fake drugs for me. I’m tanned brown as toast from the generous Texas sunshine. I feel great, the Vancouver gloom is gone, even though I was only there for six weeks I had started to fell the darkness fall over my senses. I shouldn’t have to worry about depression or SAD for a while.

In a moment of clarity I wondered if the Ad Council Of BC has actually planned to induce a fear of the sun among people of Vancouver in order to mollify the sodden population  spending their way out of depression on car leases and mortgage payments to justify staying there….just a thought. I did work in advertising as a younger man and know that it can be a very sleazy business of lies and half truths to manipulate a gullible and dangerously weak minded public. The Vancouver airwaves are constantly stoked with the fear message of skin cancer and melanoma’s…in a place where the sun never shines…seems strange…and thought worthy.

Trisha and I haven’t even returned to Vancouver and we’re already planning our next escape. We have found a new favorite TV show and watch the network HGTV show about relocation to other places around the world. We have pinpointed several locations that still have cheap rents and good overall prices to live. The weather of course is a principal driver in our decision making, sunshine days being the number one factor, money second, access to technology rounding out the top three.

I can confirm that any of the ‘red neck and guns’ stereotypes that have been bandied about by national newscasters such as the CBC in Canada are unequivocally false. The people of Texas are sweet, good hearted and very generous. I can describe the people here as straight forward and easy going, easy to talk to. So, don’t listen to the negative reports by those who may have their own twisted agenda’s to decry everything relating to the USA…..come and see for yourself.

I was expecting those stereotypes to appear, having never been here, but was surprised when nothing of the kind I had been told existed in fact…didn’t. There is a thriving arts scenes here, dance theater, music, free concerts advertised all the time it seems. There are galleries and museums…as opposed to zero in Vancouver I might add, there is even rapid transit, although you may want to rent a car while your here to see everything, the distances are intimidating. You won’t complain about the many year round sports stadiums and decent ticket prices……water parks and family fun amusement parks are a flourishing industry here …. open year round.

We’ve had a great time in Texas……in truth, I’ll miss it.