Archive for July 25, 2012

I choose to travel as a lifestyle. I choose to write to repair my life. I am hardly young and yet I  consider myself a seeker. One would think that they would have it all figured out at my age, but the more people I meet the more I realize that life is a constantly challenging experience that none of us will ever completely understand….we question, we think, we consider, we desire, we act.  Isn’t this in essence the beauty of living , to be stimulated and to stimulate in return…to be considered interesting enough to attract interesting characters into your life so that your life is more interesting?

I had an experience on my way home from Dallas the other day. As I was passing through the TSA security line the officer said to me, “Certain people have a certain way of looking, they walk and dress a certain way”, he said. “You”, he said ” look like a rock star”. I told him that I was flattered but was in fact only a simple artist and purveyor of words. I admit Trisha and I  have taken on the appearance of gypsy’s who wear bits and bobs from markets around the world.

My swagger, if that’s what it is, is all about my being comfortable in my skin.  I am going to conclude that attraction breeds attraction, and being oneself is a apparently a lightning rod to others desirous of originality. I do what I do because it makes me happy and confident. I do not consider my possessions, position, wealth, opportunities as material to living an interesting and happy life.  Today and tomorrow will be just fine. If being a traveler will make you look live a rock star, and keeps you young at heart, then let’s get going. But do so because it is honestly an expression of your heart and not a pretense to be artfully woven into a conversation about how great you are.