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The past year has been one of the most enjoyable times of my life. A lot of good things have come my way, I’ve had a lot of fun being me and doing what I do. There are plenty of different reasons for the past years successes, some of which are downright spooky, but I deny nothing a place in my life that results in a positive outcome. The people closest to me know that I have the most unusual luck. I occupy a space in the universe where there is no middle ground. Most of what is happening today is the result of years of positive and precise personal planning, but there are some things that are entirely inexplicable and I don’t have a problem with that.

I am not a religious person in the traditional sense, I never was. I do not  however deny that I live in a world occupied by many diverse forces of spirit and nature that I have never taken for granted. Things have happened along the timeline of my lifetime that I can’t explain.  I accept that there may be many alternative explanations and I have learned to open my heart and my mind to all of them. People talk of the spirit world from the perspective of their cultural heritage, since I have none I have developed a religion of my own and it is quite lively with intangible things and those that go bump in the night.

The baseline of my personal philosophy is in line with that of Buddhist doctrine in that I believe in doing no harm. I do not worship  gods and I do not covet the possessions of others.  Most of the what makes up ‘The Eight Fold Path’ makes perfect sense to me. I don’t misrepresent my own beliefs to others as part of any organized dogma. I do believe in history and the human experience through time. What was inexplicable to ancient men is not quite as in-understandable today. Now that we understand the science of  lightning and fire, the universe has become a lot more comprehensible and less of a spiritual miasma to me.

But I can’t attribute everything that takes place in my life as ‘luck’ or ‘coincidence’. I have always lived with one foot in the spirit world. I may have opened that door accidentally, as I explained in my novel, ‘The Revenant’. In that novel I explained how I accidentally learned to fly as a spirit being during astro-travel after coming into contact with certain objects of power that had appeared during my time of need. There is a passage in the Bible explaining how one ‘takes possession’ of things through prayer. This phenomena of crossing over was obviously well known to the ancient Western Semites who wrote the Old Testament.

I  attribute much of my good fortune of late to the act of living joyously and setting myself up for good things to happen. This can be interpreted as ‘positive thinking’ or by some  religious parable, spirit guides , whatever, it is what it is, and from my point of view……I’ll take it. Being happy is not all that complicated.